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Andrew D. Ewens, PhD, DABT

  • PhD in pharmacology

  • Board certified toxicologist

    • >20 hours continuing education/year

  • 25 years of experience in biomedical sciences

  • 15 years as government contract toxicologist

    • National Toxicology Program

      • National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

    • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    • National Cancer Institute

    • National Library of Medicine

    • Environmental Protection Agency

  • 13 years of research experience

    • Developed curative immunotherapy for cancer in mice

    • Developed a technique to detecting genetic damage

    • Conducting studies on SDST/DRE evaluations

    • Conducting studies on CBD oil

    • Conducting studies on mouth alcohol

    • Conducting studies on “alcohol” smell on the breath

    • Building a liquid chromotagraphy/raman spectroscopy instrument

    • Developing treatment for athlete’s foot

  • 8 years working on legal cases

  • 5 years testifying as an expert witness

  • Qualified to testify in NC, TX, MD, MI

  • Volunteer support for emergency responders

    • Cary Fire Department

      • Missing person searches

      • Trained to the level of HazMat Technician

      • Taught terrorist attack/HazMat responses

    • Cary Police Department

      • Missing person searches

      • DUI checkpoints

    • US Transportation Security Administration

      • Testing bomb detecting dogs

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